Get a page of whitelisted channels. The default response will include the 100 most recently whitelisted channels sorted by date in descending order. Include the pg and show pagination properties in the request to obtain a specific page of whitelisted channels. Include the channel array to return a specific YouTube channel or channels from your whitelist.

Optional whitelist request properties
Attributes Type Required Description
show int no The number of channels to show per page.
pg int no The page of channels to retrieve from your whitelist
channel array no An array of YouTube channel ID’s to retrieve from your whitelist.

Example requests

//get a specific page of whitelisted channels
"pg": 2,
"show": 25
// get a specific channel or page of specific channels
"channel": [

Example response

{ "pg": 0,
"show": 2,
"total": 2,
"whitelist": [{
"white_id": 436,
"date": "10/02/2018 6:00 pm",
"channel_id": "UC_B7kPmEgq9QbgkwNKjG1Cg",
"channel_name": "SourceAudio",
"data": {
"manual": 1,
"note": "invoiceId: L1_346789"
"white_id": 436,
"date": "10/02/2018 6:01 pm",
"channel_id": "UC_B7kPmEgq9QbgkwNKjG1Ce",
"channel_name": "SourceAudio",
"data": {
"manual": 1,
"note": "invoiceId: L1_346790"
The response object.
Attributes Type Included Description
pg int yes The page of whitelisted channels included in the response.
show int yes The number of channels to show per page.
total int yes The total number of channels on your whitelist. If the request is for a specific channel or channels this value will reflect the number of channels found from the request.
whitelist array yes an array of whitelisted channel objects from your whitelist
whitelist.white_id string yes Your SourceAudio site ID.
whitelist.date string yes The date the channel was added to the whitelist.
whitelist.channel_id string yes The YouTube channel ID of the whitelisted channel.
whitelist.channel_name string yes The title of the whitelisted YouTube channel.
whitelist.data object yes Information about the whitelisted channel.
whitelist.data.manual int yes [01 false, true ] Indicates if the channel was manually added to the whitelist.
whitelist.data.note string yes optional info included when the channel was whitelisted.