SonicSearch Search

Search Flows

There are many ways to use SonicSearch. All of them use /api/sonicsearch/search, but each follows a different sequence to get there.

Upload A Track

  • Upload a track
  • Process the track
  • Retrieve matches (using the search_id parameter for /api/sonicsearch/search)

Search Using An Existing Track or Existing Search

  • Find an existing track’s SourceAudio ID or use an existing search_id
  • Retrieve matches (using the track_search or search_id parameters for /api/sonicsearch/search)

Search Using A URL

You can initiate searches using media from Youtube or SoundCloud. Your request will return immediately once the URL is verified. You’ll be able to track the progress using an API call explained in the next section. The request will return an id that you will use to track its progress, as well as the media title, for user feedback.

  • Choose a YouTube or Soundcloud URL
  • Process the URL
  • Check URL Progress to obtain search_id
  • Retrieve matches (using /api/sonicsearch/search)

Search / Retrieving Matches

Param Required Description
search_id yes The search_id from processFile or other previous search
track_search yes The SourceAudio track ID you want to find matches against

Example Response

"search_type": "search",
"search_id": 512,
"matches": [
"track_id": 2469585,
"score": 0,
"filename": "PattyCake Version_30.mp3",
"external_id": "455"
"track_id": 2469587,
"score": 152.318,
"filename": "BakersDozen_30.mp3",
"external_id": "8666"
"track_id": 2469586,
"score": 162.7507,
"filename": "ChooChoo.mp3",
"external_id": "234"
"match_count": 50