SourceAudio API


The SourceAudio APIs are available to help you integrate SourceAudio’s tools into your own external systems. The goal here is to create a simple to use, clean API that works with JSON as its primary data structure. Please note that the API requires programming experience to interface with.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at

Typical Usage

We have a lot of clients using the API in a variety of ways.

  • Synchronizing external track data with SourceAudio.
  • Automatically ingesting tracks into SourceAudio when added to an external system.
  • Integrating SourceAudio search into an amalgamized search environment.
  • Enabling licensing on third-party sites using SourceAudio’s licensing system.

Available APIs

  • Import: Upload files to your site.
  • Tracks: Search, manage, and download tracks on your site.
  • Sonic Search: Access our audio-analysis search system.
  • Cue Sheets: View cue sheets created by your users for reporting or backup.
  • Licensing: Get licensing rate card data or user subscription status.
  • Content ID: View and manage Content ID resources.