The SonicSearch API is designed so that external sites with their own database of music can still benefit from the SonicSearch technology, but for whatever reason would like to host your own music. It enables searching for matching tracks in your library based on another existing track or based on media at a YouTube or Soundcloud URL. This API does not include playback or metadata, it simply returns matches with information to tie those matches back to your own site’s music.


In order to use the SonicSearch API, you must:

  • Have your site’s api enabled.
  • Your library of music must exist on a SourceAudio site.
  • Your music must be tagged with an external id, or your imported filenames must be unique enough that you can match them back to your site’s music. You can tag external ids on track pages on your SourceAudio site, or as a csv column when importing metadata.


All API responses will come back as valid JSON, even if there are errors.

search_type: "track",
search_track: 123456,
matches: [
track_id: 2469585,
score: 0,
filename: "PattyCake Version_30.mp3",
external_id: "455"
track_id: 2469587,
score: 152.318,
filename: "BakersDozen_30.mp3",
external_id: "8666"
track_id: 2469586,
score: 162.7507,
filename: "ChooChoo.mp3",
external_id: "234"
match_count: 50