Publishing Uploads

The publish action will start the publish process for everything in the import queue. This can take a while, so if you send in an oncomplete parameter set to a url, we’ll send a request to that when it’s done. If you send an email as your argument for oncomplete, we’ll email that instead. With this publish job id, you can use the list command to get all the final track ids in case you want to download them or update your external system. Please keep in mind that while your tracks are technically live at the time of publishing, there will still be a slight delay before they’re available from search while they’re being indexed.
You can also create a job separate from your site’s main publishing job by creating a job and using the job_id returned from that call in subsequent calls to /api/import/upload and /api/import/publish.


Param Required Description
oncomplete no An email or url that will be called when this upload’s job is published. One per job, overwrites if already exists
job_id no Publish a specific job_id. Default is your site’s main publishing job, but you can also publish to a specific job_id i.e. as created by /api/import/createJob

Example Response

result: 'success',
job_id: 1234,
queued: 12,
oncomplete: ''

Check Publish Job

See the progress of a publishing job.

Param Required Description
job_id yes The job_id retrieved from /api/import/publish or from /api/import/createJob

Explanation Of Responses

Explanation of response keys:

Key Meaning
q queued
d done
i progress
e errored

Example Response

"d": 1,
"q": 1

Create A Publish Job

Create a job which you can upload to and publish separately from your main publishing jobs.

Param Required Description
name no A name to give the job, i.e. “Imports for 05/10”
email no Email to notify when the job completes. Default is the email contact for your account.

Example Response

"job_id": 296204

Set Formats To Be Published

Param Required Description
upload_id yes The upload_id you’d like to specify the formats for
formats yes Comma-separated list of formats to publish, i.e. mp3,aiff

Example Response

"result": "success",
"track": {
"upload_id": 20428698,
"status": "uploaded",
"formats": ["mp3", "aiff"],
"sources": ["mp3", "mp3"],
"meta": {
"Title": "84 - Fat Dub Beat",
// ...
"added": ["mp3", "aiff"]