Content ID


The Content ID API allows you to view and manage your content ID data.

Content ID Resources


The whitelist resource allows you to view, add, and manage your SourceAudio content ID whitelist. Claims generated against whitelisted channels are automatically released as soon as the claim is processed (normally within the 30 minutes following upload).

Content ID whitelist
Resource Endpoint Description
whitelist /api/contentid/whitelist view a channel or page of channels from your whitelist
whitelistChannel /api/contentid/whitelistChannel add channels to your whitelist
whitelistRemove /api/contentid/whitelistRemove remove channels from your whitelist


The claims resource allows you to view and manage content ID claim data.

Content ID claims
Resource Endpoint Description
claims /api/contentid/claim view a page of claim data
releaseClaim /api/contentid/releaseClaim release a specific claim or set of claims

Error Response Object

In general, any request that encountered an error during the request will return an error object that includes the following three properties: error_code, reason, and error.

Attribute description
error_code The http response code associated with the type of error that occurred.
reason The brief title describing the type of error such as invalidValue, unauthroized, or required.
error A human readable description about the error.