SonicSearch - Search By A URL

Initiate searches using media from Youtube or SoundCloud.

Process URL

Pass processUrl a YouTube or Soundcloud URL, and it will return an id which can eventually be used to match tracks with, once the URL has been processed. Your request will return immediately once the URL is verified. You’ll be able to track the progress using an API call explained in the next section. The request will return an id that you will use to track its progress, as well as the media title, for user feedback.

Param Required Description
url yes YouTube or Soundcloud URL to match against

Example Response

"id": "yt-1363203418-1474653971",
"title": "Gotye - State Of The Art - official video"

Check URL Progress

Since the download is happening on our servers, there’s no regular way for you to check download progress on your end. You can make this simple call using the id provided from your processUrl search to check its progress. Progress is provided as bytes transferred. A total bytes field will only be provided if we have that information, and almost always, we do not.

Once the process finishes, this will return a search_id which can be used to search with the search endpoint.

Param Required Description
id yes ID given from processUrl to check on the progress of downloading and analyzing the track at your provided URL

Example Response (Unfinished Process)

"progress": 242,
"start": 0

Example Response (Finished Process)

"search_id": 141

Retrieve Matches

Now that you have a search_id, you can retrieve your matches. Matches are generated at the time of the request, not the time of the generated search. This means that if you want to save a popular search_id for use later, the matches will update with additional tracks as they are added to your library.

See the search documentation here