The import process through the API mirrors the import process on SourceAudio proper. If you’ve never done that before, we highly recommend you go through the process on the site with the user interface, and this method will make more sense.


The import process is comprised of three parts:

  • Upload: Uploaded tracks are assigned to a job and sit in the queue, where you can modify them.
  • Set Metadata (optional)
  • Publish: The current job is set for publishing.

If you don’t set any metadata yourself, the system will parse the uploaded track for any ID3 tags or other embedded metadata and auto-populate the best it can. For this reason, we recommend you upload your MP3s first, then other formats if you’re doing multiples.


The import API was born out of a need to automate CSV metadata uploads, and as such, the format for sending in metadata matches the format used for CSV imports. This may feel odd if you’re starting with the API, rather than moving from CSV files. In the future, we will likely offer a more standardized format, but for now, that’s why you send in a single-dimension object.