Listing Playlists


Gets a list of the published playlists on your site.

Returns an array of ClientPlaylists.


Gets a list of users who have enabled access for you to access their user data and most importantly, their playlists.

Param Type Required Description
load_playlists Int no If set to 1, the users will have their playlists attached

Returns an array in the following format:

user_id: 212,
username: 'Brent Phillips',
email: '',
playlists: [] // ClientPlaylist[]

Gets all the playlists from a given user, provided you have access to do so.

Param Type Required Description
user_id Int yes The user id to get playlists from

Returns an array of ClientPlaylists.


Gets a single playlist by the playlist’s id.

Param Type Required Description
playlist_id Int yes The playlist id to get