YouTube Content ID


Youtube Content ID lets you collect your Youtube royalties.

Youtube Content ID, or just “Content ID”, is the system, engineered and maintained by Youtube, that places paid advertisements on videos containing audio eligible for monetization.

When an advertisement is watched, the advertiser pays for that placement, and Youtube sends out a payment to the relevant rights owners for that video.

Since Youtube only partners with large companies to distribute royalties, we’ve partnered with Youtube to distribute royalties to our clients at the best split in the industry.

In addition to earning the most money possible for your Youtube royalties, SourceAudio Content ID users also benefit from access to turn-key Content ID tools only available through SourceAudio – read on below for details.


SourceAudio offers the highest payout rates, indispensable features, and unparalleled control over your Content ID system.

Listed below are some of the key features that SourceAudio offers for Content ID.

  • Set “rules” to automate daily sweeps to ingest new music

    When all your music is hosted on SourceAudio, there may be some that you want to collect on and some music that you want to exclude from Content ID. Easily set rules to specify exactly which groupings of music you’d like to collect on. As you continually add new music to your site, SourceAudio can perform daily scans to auto ingest your music into Content ID, so you can be sure the labels, composers, or tracks that you should be collecting on are always in the system.

    Once Content ID is activated, set auto-ingestion rules in your Admin Panel → Youtube Content ID → and follow the relevant instructions listed under the Ingestion Defaults and Custom Rules headers.

  • Utilize the “live claim manager” as claims are placed

    See claims being placed in real-time right from your admin panel in your SourceAudio site. When viewing your live claim manager, you can see the track on your site that was detected, a link to the monetized Youtube video, a link to the Youtube channel, the exact date and time the claim was placed, and a button to “release” the claim if you’d like to stop monetization.

    Once Content ID is activated, view your live claim manager in your Admin Panel → Youtube Content ID → Claims.

  • Whitelist channels (either manually or by API)

    If you have a client who has legitimately acquired your music for use on their Youtube channel, and you would like Content ID not to monetize any video from that Youtube channel, you can “whitelist” the channel. This process is as simple as pasting the channel’s “channel ID” from Youtube into our whitelisting module and hitting save. SourceAudio uniquely offers user-facing whitelisting– a tool every music licensing company needs when offering music for Youtube.

    Whitelisting can also be accomplished via the integrative SourceAudio API. For more information, please view our documentation here:

    Once Content ID is activated, you can whitelist Youtube channels from your Admin Panel → Youtube Content ID → Whitelist.

  • Automate whitelisting through E-Commerce

    In addition to whitelisting channels from your Admin Panel, you can give your licensees the option to whitelist their own channel for un-monetized use of the purchased track at the time of checkout.

    Once Content ID is activated, you can set whitelisting to appear at check out from within the settings of your licensing profiles in your Admin Panel → E-Commerce → Profiles → then selecting the relevant profile under the Profile Management header and ticking the box for Youtube Whitelisting, then scroll to the bottom of the rate card and click to Save.

    For subscription plan whitelisting, see instructions in your Admin Panel → E-Commerce → Subscriptions → under the Subscription Plans header.

  • Receive comprehensive earning reports

    Detailed earning reports display your site’s all-time earning total, monthly earning, and each track’s earnings.

    Once Content ID is activated, this data is visible from within your Admin Panel → Youtube Content ID → Earnings.


Whether you have the rights to just the master, just the publishing, or both, you can collect on your entitled Youtube royalties through SourceAudio Content ID.

Once Content ID is activated, you can select which sides of the copyright you will be collecting on from your Admin Panel → Youtube Content ID → under the Custom Rules header. Tick “Ingest” for master, and/or “Publishing” for publishing. These settings will trump the settings listed under the Ingestion Defaults header, directly above.

Activating YouTube Content ID on your SourceAudio Site

Head to your Admin Panel → Youtube Content ID → and click Preview and Apply to activate Content ID and get started earning on Youtube.

If you have any additional questions about Youtube Content ID with SourceAudio, please reach out to