Managing Site Appearance


The Appearance tools in your Admin Panel give you complete control over your site’s branding including logo and colors.

To access the tools you’ll use to adjust logos and colors head to your Admin Panel → Edit Site Settings → Appearance.

Click the Images drop-down to adjust any of the logos on your site, or the colors drop-down to adjust any of the colors on your site.

When you’re finished making changes, scroll all the way down and click Save Changes in the lower right.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at

List Columns

Besides the title of the track, you have total control over the fields that display on your track list pages.

To change the fields displayed on your track lists, go to Admin Panel → Edit Site Settings → Lists → Track List Columns. Using the drop-downs, choose the metadata field you want to display in each column, left to right. Since there is a max width on your site, the track lists are constrained to a width equal to 100 points. Since fields can vary in size (for example descriptions are larger than track # or BPM), each field has an estimated width value. You can see the corresponding width value for each field in the drop-down. Select the fields you want to show up in each column with the drop-downs and as long as the total sum of the field width points does not exceed 100, you’re all set.

When you’re finished making changes, scroll all the way down and click Save Changes in the lower right.


You can change your sorting and default view settings on track and album lists in the Lists section of your Admin Panel.

Start by heading to your Admin Panel → Edit Site Settings → Lists.

Within the Track List Options drop-down you can adjust how many results are displayed on a page, as well as how nesting data is displayed.

Within the Default View Settings drop-down you can set which view format you’d like to display for each of the pages of your site listed out there.

Within the Sorting drop-down you can adjust the default “sort by” settings for your track and album views respectively.


You can add, remove, or edit the tabs seen on the navigation bar in your Admin Panel → Edit Site Settings → Tabs.

With these tools you can do the following:

  • Create a new tab: To create a new tab, click “New Tab”.
  • Select the tab you want to load as your default site landing page by filling in the home bubble for that tab.
  • Remove a tab: Click the red X.
  • Rename your tabs: The text that appears under “Name” is how the tab will display.
  • Change where these tabs lead: Select the site page you’d like the tab to lead to from the “Type” drop-down.
  • Control the order of your tabs: Use the up and down arrows to reorder your tabs

Click “Save Changes” when you’re done making changes.

Landing Page

You can use any page of your site as a landing page per the features directly above, including pages constructed using the home page builder or custom page builder.

If you’d like to quickly create an inviting landing page for your site aside from any of your currently existing music pages, you can use the home page builder found in your Admin Panel → Home & Custom Pages.

Drag elements from the right panel onto the left to drop them into your home page. Different arrangements and placements can affect the size and layout of most elements, so play around with different arrangements and you should see the diagram elements change shape in the homepage builder on the left. Most home page elements can be edited by hovering your mouse over the element in the homepage builder and clicking the gear icon seen in the top right. Alternatively, “Featured” elements populate with featured content– for more information on this read the Featuring page.

After making any changes, click to Save on the right before navigating away from the editor page. You can check to see how your homepage looks by visiting [your URL].com/#!home.

To implement your homepage, create a tab for it, per the section directly above.

To create a completely customized page, read on below.

Custom Pages

You can create as many custom, non-music related pages as you’d like.

If you’d like to create a Landing page, “About Us” page, a “Contact Us” page, “Rate Card” page, “Request a Quote” page, or you’d just like to embed your video reel on a page for promotional purposes, you can do all of this with the Custom Page tool. To access the Custom Page tool go to your Admin Panel → Home & Custom Pages.

To create a new page, click “Create Custom” and name your new page in the pop up that appears. You will see this new page appear in your list of custom pages just to the left along with its URL and two option icons - a pencil and a red “X” icon. Click the pencil to edit and add content to your new page. Click the red “X” icon to delete the page.

In the page editor, you’ll see that you can format your text and images like any other WYSIWYG editor using the tools provided. For instance, click the icon of a mountain and sun to add an image or button. In the pop up that appears, use the tabs shown to Upload a local image, use the Link tab to link it where ever you’d like, and the image info and advanced to make any other tweaks. You can also click the “Source” button on the far right to edit the page using HTML and CSS code. No Java or JS is supported. When you’re done adding all your content, click “Save Changes” and you’re all set.

To link to your page, add a new tab to your site with the Tab tool (Admin Panel → Edit Site Settings → Tabs). For more information on this see the “How do I edit the tabs seen on the navigation bar across the front of my site” question above. When you create a new tab you should see your custom page with the unique title you gave it. Click Save, and you’ll see that your new custom page has been added to your main tabs.