There are a range of tools available for finding your desired track.

  • The Search Bar: Run a search in the search bar that appears at the top of any screen and your site will comb every piece of metadata on every track on your site for matches to the entry. The results will be displayed by relevance by default but can be adjusted to sort by relevance, length, release date, or title. Read on below for advanced search bar features and functionality.

  • Track/Album Filters: On a large browser window, a left-hand toolbar will display automatically. In a smaller browser window, you’ll need to click the 3 line icon to expand the toolbar. When viewing your main tracks or albums pages, the filters that appear in the top half of the toolbar can be used so that only tracks that fit your filter selection will be displayed. Multiple filter conditions can be engaged to further narrow down a search, or filters can be used to further narrow down a search bar search.

    To select what filters appear on your tracks and albums pages respectively, head to your Admin Panel → Edit Site Settings → Filters, and drag your filters between left and right so that all the filters you want to be shown are on the left, and all the filters you don’t want are on the right. Save your changes in the bottom right when you’re finished editing.

  • Site Navigation: Your landing page and tab layout will certainly impact how your users find tracks on your site. For instance, a library may opt to rely heavily on their albums page and bring their site visitors there as a home page. Alternatively, a site may bring the user to the main tracks page prompting them to use the filters on the left-hand side. Or simply bring them to a SourceAudio homepage displaying a wide range of content, or a custom page where the emphasis is more on the search bar or even to simply utilize the user’s tab of choice.

How Search Works

You can read details about how search works and how relevance is determined in the search section.


Running a Sonic Search allows a site user to upload any local audio file and return results from the library being searched that are musically similar to the song the user has uploaded. The profile of the uploaded track is compared against every track in the library for instrumentation and specific musical indications to provide the most similar tracks possible.

To run a sonic search just drag your local track onto the search bar, or click the 3 line icon on the right end of the search bar to expand the search options and click to upload a track under Sonic Search.

For more information on SonicSearch, read the SonicSearch page.

Advanced Search

Running an advanced search allows a site user to comb only a specific metadata field for whatever they enter for a search.

To run an advanced search start by clicking the 3 line icon on the right end of the search bar to expand the search options. Under advanced search select which field you’d like to search and what information you’d like to search for. You can even combine multiple advanced searches in either an “AND” or an “OR” manner to provide exactly the results you’re looking for.

For more information on advanced search, read the advanced search page.

Saving Searches

Searches can be saved and accessed from your user dashboard.

If you’ve run a search you’d like to save for later, you can save the search to your admin dashboard. To do this, run the search and click the link to Save This Search, in the top right, just under your site navigation tabs. Once you’ve saved a search, access it by clicking your user icon in the very top right, clicking Dashboard in the drop-down that appears, and clicking the Saved Searches tab seen on the left.

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