SourceAudio Buyer Network


The SourceAudio Buyer Network lets music buyers and sellers connect, sync music between sites, and send/receive requests and pitches.

Music seller sites and music buyer sites connect by sending connection requests to one another. Once a connection request is received and accepted, the music from the seller site is synced over to the buyer site (per the seller’s settings– see answer below, Where can I control which of my tracks from my seller site sync to a buyer connection?) and the buyer gains the option to send pitch requests to the seller. This system allows sellers to enjoy maximum connectivity, and buyers to aggregate and streamline all their music resources.

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How a Buyer Site Works

SourceAudio buyer sites look just like seller sites.

SourceAudio music buyer sites employ almost all the same functionality as music seller sites with one main difference - buyers don’t upload or manage music and metadata. They simply subscribe to music and metadata from seller sites.

Connecting With Buyers/Sellers

To connect with a buyer site as a seller, or a seller site as a buyer, head to your Admin Panel → Buyers and Requests (if you’re a seller) / Subscriptions (if you’re a buyer). Here you can browse all available sites to connect with and click the Send Invite button under any listing to send a connection request to that buyer/seller. Note- if you’re a seller you’ll be looking at all buyers here, if you’re a buyer you’ll be looking at all sellers.

If you have any outstanding connection requests, this is where they will appear. Instead of a request button, you can click to accept the pending request you’ve received from that buyer or seller.

Control Which Tracks Sync

You can select which tracks sync to buyer site connections from within the Admin Panel.

Which tracks appear on a connected buyer site is dependent on the settings in both the Syndication and Syncing sub-tabs within the admin panel. The settings in the syndication section select which tracks sync over initially, while the syncing tab allows a seller to pull material from individual buyer connections.

First head to your Admin Panel → Buyers and Requests → Syndication. The material that is checked off to Syndicate will automatically sync to a buyer’s site when a connection is established. Any material left unchecked will not sync to the buyer connection. The two boxes list the catalogs and labels within each catalog. Click into a catalog in the left box to make the labels within that catalog appear in the box directly to the right. After adjusting any settings click to Save Changes in the very bottom right.

Once tracks are syncing to buyer connections, those connections will appear in the syncing sub-tab. Click into a catalog to view its labels, and you’ll see which sites the label is syncing to in the far right box. Un-check any box and save in the bottom right to remove the label from that site. Once a label is removed from a buyer site it cannot be re-added from the seller site, the buyer will need to re-add the label from their end.

Note that new labels or catalogs on your site, added since establishing a connection, need to be manually accepted by the buyer from within their subscriptions section to sync to their site. Alternatively, tracks and albums added to a label currently synced to a buyer will automatically sync to the buyer connection.

Pitch Requests

Pitch requests from buyer connections appear in the Requests sub-tab.

To view and respond to received pitch requests, head to your Admin Panel → Buyers and Requests → Requests. Here you’ll see all relevant information to the pitch, and you can click Pitch Music on the right end of the listing to Pitch tracks for that request.


Tick the visibility box to change whether your listing is visible on the buyer network or not.

If you’d like to appear to buyers as a seller, or to sellers as a buyer, head to your Admin Panel → Buyers and Requests (if you’re a seller) / Subscriptions (if you’re a buyer) and find the setting at the top of the screen for visibility. If this box is checked off, your company listing will be visible to prospective connections.