Cue Sheets


If you choose to enable cue sheets, you and your site users can utilize the cue sheet tools from the left panel just below playlists.

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Enabling Cue Sheets

To enable or disable cue sheets on your site, head to your Admin Panel → Edit Site Settings, and scroll down to the Show Cue Sheets setting where you can check or uncheck the box to show cue sheets. Save your changes in the very bottom right after making a change. Once enabled you’ll see the Cue Sheets tools appear directly below your Playlists module.

To select which fields exist in your cue sheets, just head to your Admin Panel → Edit Site Settings → Cue Sheets. Make your adjustments and click to save in the bottom right when you’re done.

Using Cue Sheets

If you’re already familiar with playlists, cue sheets work exactly like playlists in terms of creating, adding or removing tracks, and using the tools found under More Options to export and share.

If you’re not familiar with playlists…

To create a new cue sheet, click the “New Cue Sheet” button in your “My Cue Sheets” module in the left column of your site – seen on all track, album, genre, and all other track list pages. If your browser window is on the smaller side, you may need to click the three-line icon at the top of the thin white bar along the left-hand side of your browser window to expand the left toolbar.
Add or remove tracks from a cue sheet immediately after creating the cue sheet, or at any time by clicking Add/Remove seen at the top right of the page when viewing the cue sheet. You will see a yellow status bar appear across the top of the site telling you that you are adding/removing tracks from your cue sheet. Browse the site for the tracks and albums you want to add to your cue sheet and click the green “+” icon to add items to your cue sheet. When you’re done adding items click “Done” in the yellow bar at the top of the site to finish editing the cue sheet.
To export your cue sheet, head to the cue sheet by clicking its title from within your “My Cue Sheets” module. Once you’re viewing the cue sheet, click “More Options” at the top right of the page and click to save in your format of choice.

More cue sheet editing options can be found within the More Options drop-down as mentioned directly above.

Playlist Integration

You can also create a cue sheet from a playlist.

Click the “More Actions” drop-down seen on the top right when viewing any cue sheet, and click Copy to Playlist to create a playlist containing those tracks.