Deleting Tracks

You can delete tracks pre-publishing, post-publishing, one-by-one, or full albums all at once, here’s how.

Deleting Pre-published tracks

To delete a single track, click the red X on the far right of the track listing.

To delete all the tracks in your publishing queue, click the Delete All button just under Batch Operations

Deleting Published Tracks

To delete a single track, navigate to the track’s detailed view by clicking its name if you see it in a list. Then click the button that reads Edit Track Metadata directly below the track’s bold title. Once you do this, you’ll see new edit tools appear including a delete button with a red X in the lower right portion of your screen. Click that icon to delete the track.

To delete a full album, navigate to your album list at [Your Url].Com/#!Albums and click on the title of the album you want to delete. When you’re on the album page open the “More Options” drop-down in the upper right and click “Delete” to delete that album listing and every track within it.

If you’re deleting many scattered tracks across your site, the quickest way to accomplish this is to move all the tracks into one album designated for deletion and delete that album. This can be done easily using a CSV spreadsheet export/import in a similar manner you would pre-publishing, as described above. For more information on this process, see Managing Metadata. Once all the tracks you want to delete are appearing in their own album, just delete the album per the instructions directly above.

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