Parsing Search Terms


Terms entered into search are:

  • Tokenized along whitespace, e.g., entering dance hits will be converted into dance AND hits
  • Converted to lowercase, e.g., Dance will match Dance or dance
  • Stemmed to remove common English endings, e.g., dancing will match dance or dances
  • Split along word delimiters, e.g., Indy500 will match indy and 500

Special Terminology

  • OR Search: By default, entering multiple terms will require all terms to be present in matches. e.g., searching for dance hits is the same as searching for dance AND hits and any tracks returned will have both words. However, you can manually include the word OR in between terms to change this behavior. e.g., search for dance OR hits to get results with either or both words.
  • Phrase Search: If you want to search for an exact word or series of words, you can wrap your term(s) in quotation marks.
  • Negative Search: Adding a hyphen before a term will exclude tracks with that term from results. e.g., -drums
  • Grouping: You can group terms into more complicated phrases, like (rock OR pop) AND -slow

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