Indexing Track Data


The metadata on your tracks is processed by our system so it’s easy for users to find what they’re looking for. This process is called “indexing”.

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Fields We Index

  • Album Name
  • Artist Name
  • Catalog Name
  • Composer Name
  • Cue Types
  • Custom Fields
  • Description
  • Genres
  • ISRC
  • ISWC
  • Key
  • Label Name
  • Lyrics
  • Moods
  • Publisher Names
  • Publishing
  • Style Of
  • Styles
  • Tempos
  • Title
  • Writer Names

How Data Is Indexed

The field data is combined into one big list of terms. Then the terms are:

  • Converted to lowercase, e.g., Dance will match Dance or dance
  • Stemmed to remove common English endings, e.g., dancing will match dance or dances
  • Split along word delimiters, e.g., Indy500 will match indy and 500